How Tech Helps to Build the ‘Perfect Lineups’ for Music Festivals

In 2017, tech presence builds an astonishing success in the Music Festivals. Peeps of all ages engage and are interested in watching live performances and they are ready to spend money as well. Many music festival organizers implied that technology makes their working easy. Before they need to dog-watch on everything but now with tech-presence, it becomes so easy to have a virtual watch and also expanding platforms with it.

The technological approach is inclined forward in 2017. An app is launched for the attenders to see the lineups at a particular stage, they can personalize there schedule, can take help of maps and may other inserted features are there to make their decision easy to attend shows. The fan base of the Music Festival is unacceptable, meaning immense. Around 100k people have downloaded this app just to know the schedule.
It helps various big platforms to collect data without even outsourcing it. The manual report making is a huge deal until this technology. The report of data results into the solution to the organizers as to know where would be the future event will take place, how many attendees are expected. It is important to know the tech penetration in the market as it gives ideas to organize events better than the competitors.

Well, it is more interesting to know how it works and what will be the future impact. First, we will learn about the app. As mentioned before, there are different features in the new app. Earlier all the information was mostly outsourced but now things changed, technology is adopted.

If a person downloads the app he can go through various features of it. Also, the organizer can collect the data directly from the official app instead of having paperwork. This makes working easy and beneficial for everyone.Some apps like the Coachella app have upgraded features like VR and AR, having a feature like a Google Cardboard viewer.


One who download this app and uses it connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Beacon helps to connect accurate data and movement of people. In simple meaning beacons dog-watch all the activities taking place in the concert. Beacons are surrounded everywhere at the concert.

It also helps a push notification for micro-targeting to users to screen promotions. The Coachella app links the users to Spotify and guides them to make a playlist of there favorite songs of the favorite singers.

RFID Wristbands

This is an interesting part that many of us find curious to listen to. The wristbands are simply the alternative of tickets. It is an object that has been tie up around the wrist and whenever a person enters through the gate it not only welcomes them but also scans whether the ticket is fake or real that cannot be possible to monitor by nude eyes.

Impact of technology

Specifically talking about music festivals, yes there is a positive impact on technology. It can be said as a problem-solving tool. The data is accurately collected from the beacons and it becomes useful to make future decisions. Also, the report values the decision of the attendees, the preferences of what they want in the future?

What are the expectations etc can be precisely watched by the data. No one yet knows the implementation of technology is how much effective for the future. What impact it will bring in the coming years? But the result of the perfect lineups is a hint for the tech presence to exist in the future.

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