This Is How Music Festivals Are Utilizing Technology!

The technological revolution is gathering all live music concerts tremendously to take it to the next level. Most of the abroad based musical events have created by the use of technology. In some or the other way, technology plays a vital role in those music festivals.

Festival scenes in South by Southwest, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo are the biggest music festivals that are exclusively booming up and getting so many praises after adoption technology. It never gets this much fame earlier.

Let’s understand how technology impact on these four music festivals.


SXSW is the abbreviation of South by Southwest. It is one of the biggest music and cultural event to host in the country. When they upgraded themselves with the technology they get a lot many benefits.

  • The attendants can explore as much as they want it.
  • They can have meetups in areas they want to organize the next event.
  • Attract others by creating hashtags with a group of people and share their ideas.
  • The hashtag #sxsw can be used on social media like on twitter, Facebook to inform the upcoming events or maybe some tech event workshop.


This platform of Chicago has amazing fam in the past few years when they released technology in their shows. The use of technology can be done in several ways like for releasing new technology features, applications and also for recruiting people t be a part of the event. This platform attracts a lot of many audiences towards it and meets all possible opportunities.

Forbes says that- a huge audience comes to Lollapalloza to see the concert. Mostly the students from big universities take part in it because the platform not only uses the technology for their advancement but also gives employment out of it. This is one of the most amazing uses of technology so far.


This platform is greatly using its technology. The wristband here plays an important role though.

  • When an audience passes by the gate the technology, obviously, welcomes them but also aware of any type of abnormality let’s say fake tickets.
  • They promote their event with the help of Spotify by featuring main singers in it. It is a smart way to use technology.

Well, it is not possible for everyone to visit and see these amazing live shows. At that point in time, technology plays its dice and move forward towards social media for making it live streaming everywhere. It reaches to their fans. It is important to understand that audiences that are taking part to attend these shows will make us a part of the race and to win these race the businesses needs to hold the traffic and never let them go.

Without audiences, no live music festival will exist. Giving them benefits and perks is one thing from which a minority of people can be engaged but respect is all that matters at last. Tech presence could lead its part from here by asking feedback, review. In short, the more you involve them, the more you will succeed.

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